Oneone1 - Meritocracy of the Oni & Blade - Completed + Walkthrough + CG
More Content Can Be Found On / Her home town burned to ground and her parents killed by the abrupt appearance of the "Red Demon", Aika Amagami was left orphaned and alone, to fend for herself in this brutal world.
Puella Magi Rurua - Version 1.04 (English) by Chikko
More Content Can Be Found On / Adventures of a magical girl - Censorship (yes) - Language Eng - Version 1.04 - Platform PC/Windows
The Ship of Servitude - Version 1.5 (English) by Corrupt
More Content Can Be Found On / A soldier of the empire named Vitnir sets off to the neighboring territory of Takama-ga-hara to conquer it. The region is home to tribes of youkai like bakeneko, kitsune, oni, jorougumo,
FlashCycling [Free Ride Exhibitionist RPG] - Version 1.51 (English) by H.H.WORKS.
More Content Can Be Found On / With the influence of a certain popular anime, an athletic half-blooded girl by the name of Roza picks up the sport of cycling. The road bike that she wanted however, cost a lot more
VH! Game by Shitaraba
Visit / - Censorship (no) - Language eng/jap - Version ENG 180608/KATTEBAN 170827, JAP 190518/KATTEBAN 180601 - Platform Win In the game, we are invited to choose one of the heroines and go in search of adventure and glory,
Tsukudaninosato - I'm the Party's Princess Ver.1.0 (jap)
Title / タイトル: 私はパーティーのお姫様 / I’m the Party’s Princess Brand / ブランド: つくだにの里 / Tsukudaninosato Contents [Synopsis] The mysterious region "Saxomosphere" has existed since ancient times in the kingdom of "Lapsina". Dangerous monsters roam around this
Popo doctrine - The Golem Artisan and the Acme Onna Otoko no Ko (jap)
The Golem Artisan and the Acme Onna Otoko no Ko / ゴーレム職人と痴女な男の娘♂ Year of release: 2012 Release Date: 2012/8/23 Genre: jRPG, Yaoi, Trap, Rape, Tentacles, Fantasy, Bukkake Censorship: There is in the game (games) distribution Developer / Publisher:
Askot - Energy Drain ~Otoko no Ko Targeted By Futanari Girls and Succubus'~ (jap)
Title / タイトル: エナジードレイン~ふたなりっ娘とサキュバスに狙われる男の娘のボク~ / Energy Drain ~Otoko no Ko Targeted By Futanari Girls and Succubus’~ Brand / ブランド: askot Contents * Story * Saint Demi Lune Female Academy--- A maiden academy that only futanari magic creatures can
Futoumei Z - You're Not in an Isekai or a Magic Girl so You Can Only do H Attacks!? (jap)
Title / タイトル: 異世界でも魔法少女でもないからHな攻撃しか出来ない!? / You’re Not in an Isekai or a Magic Girl so You Can Only do H Attacks!? Brand / ブランド: 不透明Z / Futoumei Z Contents * Fully original work [STORY] The girls are captured by men and have been locked in an
Danbo-rumansion - Panic Party (jap)
Panic Party / パニックパーティー Year of release: 2019 Release Date: 2019/01/19 Genre: jRPG, Big tits, Breasts, Lots of White, Cream / Juices, Successive, Rape Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: danbo-rumansion (ダ ン ボ ー ル マ ン シ ョ ン) Platform: PC /
MoonGlow - Time Attack! Flor's Game of Semen Collection Ver.1.0 (jap)
Title / タイトル: タイムアタック! フロルの精液回収ゲーム / Time Attack! Flor’s Game of Semen Collection Brand / ブランド: MoonGlow Release / 販売日: 2018/05/26 Contents [Synopsis] A witch highly trusted by the townspeople often and called as a genius witch--- Flor. But in fact,
Wolfzq - Sword Maiden of Azure Dragon ver.1.0 (jap)
Our heroine of the story is a spirited bi-sexual dragon-born princess. Her travels brought her to a foreign land gripped by an insidious plot with a dark purpose, she must gather her allies and defeat the ultimate evil, using her sword, her wits,
Amakurodou - School Life Dungeon RPG - The Troubled Students (jap)
Title / タイトル: 学園生活ダンジョンRPG 問題のある生徒達 / School Life Dungeon RPG - The Troubled Students Brand / ブランド: 甘黒堂 / AMAKURODOU Release / 販売日: 2019/04/27 Contents School Life 3D Dungeon RPG [Basic Game Overview] 1. Interview: This conversation determines your
MoonGlow - Orkis and the Succubus Sword Ver.1.0 (jap)
Title / タイトル: 性剣の契約者オルキス / Orkis and the Succubus Sword Brand / ブランド: MoonGlow Release / 販売日: 2019/04/26 Contents Orkis's home was suddenly attacked by the royal capital's military. She had been hiding with her sister Lelia in a cave, but soldiers
Young Elven Wife Version 1.1 by Tsukudaninosato
Visit / Developer / Publisher: Tsukudaninosato Censorship: No Language: Eng Version: 1.1 OS: Win Description: Elven archer Lana eventually got married with Eric, a warrior, after a course of romantic happenings during their
Tiina, Swordswoman of Scarlet Prison - Version 1.0 Completed (English) by Shinachiku-castella
Visit / After successfully slaying a witch, our protagonist Tiina receives a new mission--- to investigate a village which has been continuously becoming unsafe, Daram. As she works on it, she comes to realize that normal
This is an RPG Game... shocking, i know. take control of your chosen character and go on a quest filled with enemies and Dark Souls-ey traps, defeat or avoid them to progress to the game's bosses whom you must defeat. There are various powerups and
Clymenia - Detective Girl of the Steam City - Version 1.0.0 Jap
More Content Can Be Found On / The world of IF where Charles babejji invented a difference engine and the analytical engine. The Shopie which lived in steam city London began an activity as the Tantei taking advantage
Coquettish Life full version 1.1 by Shinyfreaks
Visit / Developer / Publisher: Shinyfreaks Censorship: No Language: Eng Version: 1.1 OS: Win Description: The game quality is quite high,using PH engine, the picturerendering degree wants to begood. Unlike many I
Nekofuguri - Pegasus Knight X II ver.2.0 (jap)
女戦士とえっちな旅の仲間たち Circle: nekofuguri Release: Jan/09/2015 Genre: Fantasy, Interspecies Sex A compilation of multiple fantasy, monster sex, and bestiality scenes in a side-scrolling Action RPG. Added 17 variations of events inside the story from
Ahriman - Emblem Knightess Nord ~The Mark of Lewdness~ (jap)
Emblem Knightess Nord ~The Mark of Lewdness~ / 紋章騎士ノルド ~ケガレの紋章編~ Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/08/30 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Battlefuck, Ponytail, BDSM, Outdoor / Outdoor Exposure, Violation / Captivity, Restraint / Bondage, Coercion /
Okra marine - Naive Girl Illvina - The Gift To The Royal Family Stolen ver.2.0 (jap)
Naive Girl Illvina - The Gift To The Royal Family Stolen - / 無知っ娘イルヴィナ~盗まれた王家への献上品~ Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/04/20 Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, DOT / Pixel, Female Heroine, Clothes Changing, Blowjob, Anal, Internal Cumshot, Stuck in Wall,
Shitaraba - Violated Heroine ver.180608 eng + 190413 jap
Year of release: 2018 Release Date: 2018/03/18 Genre: Action, ADV, RPG, jRPG, fantasy, waitresses, swimsuit, pregnant, oral sex, anal sex, bdsm, big breasts, group sex, milk, yuri, futanari Censorship: None Developer / Publisher:
Oneone1 - Ideologue in Friction (jap)
軋轢のイデオローグ DL版 ブランド / Brand: ONEONE1 発売日 / Release Date: 2019/04/12 ファイルサイズ / File Size: 4.20GB Jap 作品内容 ◆Ci-enで攻略用のフローチャートが無料で下記からDL可能です。 / ※【ネタばれを含みますので、ご注意下さい!!】 ◆Ci-enでチートパッチが無料で下記からDL可能です。
Splush wave - Efu Go (jap)
Efu Go / えふごにょ Year of release: 2019 Release Date: 04/11/2019 Genre: jRPG 3DCG Big tits Сreampie Comedy Softcore Harem Demons Magical Girl Blowjob Puffy Nipples Group Censorship: Yes Developer / Publisher: SPLUSH WAVE Platform: PC / Windows Type of
BigWednesday - The Heart of Darkness (jap)
THE HEART OF DARKNESS-ザ・ハート・オブ・ダークネス- ブランド / Brand: BigWednesday 発売日 / Release Date: 2019/04/11 Jap 作品内容 「呪われし聖女、その魂が行き着く先は光か、欲望か――」 「THE HEART OF DARKNESS -ザ・ハートオブダークネス-」は、 本作の舞台「ヘイルロード王国」の地下に広がる、「闇の聖域」と呼ばれるダンジョンを探索し、
Terrible Laboratory - Version 1.02 (English) by Aburasobabiyori
More Content Can Be Found On / In this game, a pretty and talented scientist girl earns money in erotic jobs in order to protect her research institute through competing company's interruptions which are often
Astronauts: Sirius - Guild Master - Version 1.03
More Content Can Be Found On / An adventurer's guild "Amakakeru O-Hitsuji" operates from a pub in the outskirts. The Guildmaster cum pub owner Neil and his daughter Lusit run the businesses. This guild is now faced
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